Outdoor Staircase For The Disabled


Is the front door of your house accessible by a staircase? Does your garden suffer from level differences? Outside too, you can install a stairlift for the disabled, a device that will allow you to have easy and safe access to all levels of your house or your exteriors. Discover the different means available to equip the surroundings of your home.

A Weatherproof Stair Climber Chair

Many manufacturers offer models of outdoor stairlifts. Indeed, it is not uncommon for our houses to be accessible only by a flight of stairs. But how do you cross them when you see your mobility reduced? There are now items specially designed for climbing exterior stairs to respond to this daily problem, whether they are straight or curved. The operation of an outdoor stairlift is the same as its counterpart for indoor use. The difference between them is mainly due to having to withstand bad weather: rain, wind, cold, sun, heat.

There are various possibilities for this:

  • Protective cover: Many stairlift manufacturers and dealers offer a cover, which protects the chair when not in use. This allows any model of a stairlift to be used outdoors. We will still be advised not to choose a leather seat covering or another noble material that could quickly deteriorate.
  • Appropriate upholstery: armchairs can be offered with suitable upholstery, such as vinyl or plastic. These materials are easy to maintain and resist rain, snow, cold. However, a cover will always extend the life expectancy of your equipment.
  • Stainless materials: rails and other metal parts are treated to deal with moisture properly.
  • Waterproof controls: joysticks and other control panels are protected from the rain by a waterproof coating.
  • Anti-UV treatment: plastics, in particular, can benefit from this to not discolor over time.

Safety must also be considered depending on the weather:

Non-slip surfaces, particularly at the footrest, but also the armrests, the seat, etc.

A swivel seat, to be able to sit on the chair and get up off the steps and without slipping

Thanks to these various precautions, you can safely use your outdoor stairlift and gain comfort even outside your home.

An Outdoor Lift For Disabled People

It is also quite possible to have a private elevator installed outside your house, which is often the case when the premises are not suitable for indoor installation.

The exterior elevator will allow you to have access to the entrance of your house or one or other of its floors. On the other hand, it is not the solution for crossing stairs in the middle of the garden. The exterior private elevator essentially overcomes the physical and material impossibility of equipping interior stairs to promote accessibility for all. Search for hitch lifts