Common Car Colors and What They Mean


Whether you are someone who needs a new car or a certified car enthusiast, there is one very personal choice you need to make, and that is none other than the car’s color.  Your chosen car color reflects your inner personality.

However, there is more to car color than just opting for your favorite color. The truth is that your choice of car color lies much deeper in your subconscious. Read on below to know more about car colors.

Did you ever wonder why car colors are frequently limited to only 5 or 6 basic colors? This is because these are the most common types of personality. Several car manufacturers only use a particular set of colors since these are the personalities that their car designs tend to attract.

Ferrari 488, for example, is one of the sleekest and most powerful cars ever made. While this car is available in various colors, most Ferrari 488 cars are red. Ferrari and red often go hand in hand since this well-received color is associated with sensuality, high energy, and power.

Red is most suitable for outgoing people who know what they want and aren’t afraid to show it to the rest of the world. Anyone who drives a red Ferrari will definitely stand out for good reason.

Meanwhile, high-end Porsches, are usually found in crystal black or white. People who opt for white vehicles are usually thought of as perfectionists. This type of personality knows what they like and how they like things.

These people also love keeping everything pristine. Those who drive white cars are organized all the time and are believed to have the cleanest car interiors. A black or white Porsche is definitely going to garner lots of attention.

Black is also a power color and is also considered the most popular car color of them all. People who choose black vehicles also have a penchant for elegant things and usually pick higher-end choices in everything they buy. Black is also linked with social status and self-confidence.

Silver is the futuristic color associated with expensive things and precious metals. It is among the most popular colors for Lamborghini vehicles. Silver is connected with the type of personality that loves to be a bit flashy and a little subdued at the same time. This is almost a passive-aggressive color that seems to say that you may be awesome but in a very elegant and quiet way.

Other unusual colors are also in demand in the Lamborghini brand, unlike other high-end carmakers. Those who prefer bright blue, screaming green colors, and orange will find it available in a Lamborghini. These colors are for drivers that do what they want to do when and how they want to. These car aficionados love high-end vehicles that make you stop and turn your head every time they drive by. These are the colors that will surely capture everyone’s attention.

What car color do you want to drive? No matter what you have in mind, you can drive all car colors when you choose from the vehicle selection of Dreamline luxury car rental.