How to Employ Each of Apollo Sprayers’ Turbine Machines


Apollo Sprayers, an innovator in the paint spraying sector, manufactures its products using cutting-edge technology, ensuring users exceptional outcomes. One approach is to include turbines in their HVLP sprayer systems. These devices are smaller and simpler to use than air-compressed machines, which are heavy and produce a lot of overspray.

They offer three distinct turbo machines via their MAXI-MISER brand to deliver the greatest possible paint finish. This is because they recognize that various vocations have distinct requirements. So keep the following information in mind while you look for the ideal equipment for your needs.


Apollo Sprayers realizes that just a few people are highly qualified professionals when it comes to painting responsibilities. As a consequence, their POWER-5 VS AUTO equipment is ideal for inexperienced vehicle mechanics! It can execute tasks using a variety of solvent and water-based compounds. It is also capable of priming and clear coating.

Because they produce a finer mist than airless sprayers, HVLP paint sprayers are often employed for less difficult operations such as spotting treatment. You may get the POWER-5 VS AUTO with a PLUS bundle that includes extra nozzles and tools to let you decide how to best accomplish your first paint job!


While it does many of the same things as its predecessor, it has a few upgrades. It has an automated stop-and-sound warning mechanism that notifies you if the gadget is overheating or if additional paint is needed. It also indicates how much power is being delivered, allowing you to manage better how much you spray.

Because of its small size, this gadget may be useful to both hobbyists and individuals who do repairs on the move to assist others. Unlike the POWER-5 VS AUTO, no extra packages are required to get what you need!


This is the most potent of the three systems available, and it is capable of handling the most complex jobs. Certain vehicles may need to be repaired as a result of an accident or fender bender, and not all paint treatments are minor. That is the reason the 3000 PRO is so prevalent in auto body businesses. It is widely acknowledged as the most efficient turbine paint system in the industry.

The 3000 PRO comes with three HVLP sprayers to enhance the advantages. Each is responsible for a primer, basecoat, and clear coat. They are presently accessible without the requirement for a single sprayer to be cleaned. However, due to its size, someone searching for a transportable system may have alternative options.

The Advantages of Using Apollo Sprayers

You may relax knowing that you choose Apollo Sprayers, regardless of which one is best for you. They understand that having complete control over a task is the best way to complete it successfully, which is what you can anticipate from any of their HVLP sprayers. They may be adjusted to offer up to 12″ of fanning.

You may expect less fumes because they create hot, dry air, keeping you safe. These objects are also self-sufficient, making them more environmentally friendly. There are no gas or electricity requirements; simply plug it in, and you’re ready to go!

Even if you’re a regular Joe attempting to paint your automobile, all works completed using Apollo Sprayers equipment will appear professional. Your friends will only believe you if they find that the instruments you used were purchased directly from Apollo Sprayers. Visit their website to learn more about each of their turbine sprayers.