Can I Seek Compensation After a Motorcycle Road Rash Injury?

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Motorcycle road accidents have become quite common in the past few years in Georgia, primarily due to rash or reckless driving. After a motorcycle accident and sustaining physical, emotional or mental injuries, the first thing that strikes your head is, “Will I get compensation for my injuries?” 

If you have suffered any such damages where the motorcycle accident is caused due to the other party’s negligence and are looking for compensation, we have got you covered. In this article, we will explain everything about road rash injury claims from a motorcycle accident in Georgia. So, let’s dive in! 

Can I Seek Compensation After a Motorcycle Road Rash Injury?

Yes, if you meet a motorcycle accident caused by another party, you can seek complete compensation for injuries caused during the accident. 

Motorcycle accidents often result in physical injuries, leading to high medical and travel expenses that can be claimed by filing an insurance claim directly with the other party’s insurer. 

Common Types of Injuries Caused During Motorcycle Accidents

  • Scarring sensitive areas like eyes. 
  • Emotional damage, such as post-trauma effects. 
  • Severe infections, bleeding or wounds
  • Internal damage in the body 
  • Ankle, wrist or knee twists 
  • Fractures in hands, legs, ribs or skull 
  • Paralysis or even death. 

Types of Compensation to Claim After a Motorcycle Road Rash Injury 

1. Medical Bills 

The expenses incurred during the checkup or hospital visits are covered under compensation. It includes visiting a physician, over-the-counter medicines, surgical procedures, treatments in a medical facility, travel expenses from or to the hospital, tests performed, hospitalization and more. 

2. Lost Income 

Since road rash injuries are painful and can cause significant injuries, you tend to lose your income. You can seek compensation for lost income employee benefits such as insurance coverage, tips and bonuses. 

3. Pain and Sufferings 

Emotional and mental pain from motorcycle road rash injury affects your self-esteem, confidence and plans. Thus, compensation is offered. 

4. Scarring 

Scarring usually occurs during road accidents. Based on the location of the body and the degree of scarring, compensation is given to the injured. 

5. Property Damage Expenses 

Seek compensation for all damages caused to your vehicle during a motorcycle road rash accident. 

Degrees of Road Rash

  1. First-degree road rash refers to bruising, scrapes, minor bleeding or redness of the skin.
  2. Second-degree road rash where something enters the victim’s skin, opening skin lawyers and causing infection. 
  3. Third-degree road rash is a severe case that leaves nerves, muscles and tendons abrasions. 

Wrapping Up!

After a motorcycle accident, you can get compensation for the injuries caused. Consider hiring a personal injury lawyer to seek compensation.