What should you know about your car’ Oil Change?


If you own a vehicle, then it is your duty to ensure it is well-maintained. This way, you will be able to enjoy driving it for a long time without any hindrances. Although car these day are getting sophisticated, the engine’s lifeblood is still ‘motor oil’. It is important you ensure this oil is present fresh in your vehicle. Oil Change is indeed a simple task that can be taken care of effortlessly with your vehicle’s onboard computer.

Service reminders

Most cars are designed with inbuilt services to signal Oil Change requirements. This is based on usage while some even indicates low oil level. However, you should smartly check yourself the fluid after every other fill-up. This way, you may perform basic inspections, check for things that might cause future trouble. It includes animal nesting signs, loose parts, worn belt, etc.

Common oil related factors to consider

  • Checking frequency: Oil level is better checked once a month or during every alternative gas fill-up. Even new car owners should practice this technique. Go through the manufacturer provided recommendations and owner’s manual to know about Oil Change Newer cars may be designed with electronic oil monitors where manual inspection might not be possible using traditional dipsticks. Also check the color of old oil that needs to appear black or brown. Light, milky color will mean perhaps engine is receiving leaking coolant. Also examine thoroughly for metal particles as it will mean internal engine damage.
  • When is Oil Change necessary: Aged or worn out motor oil should be changed immediately. Oil degrades from pressure and heat, thereby accumulating harmful particles. Besides this, oil tends to break down with time even if your vehicle is parked for a long time. Owner’s manual will specify when to change the oil. Avoid making assumption. Inbuilt service reminders can provide convince. It monitors the distance travelled. It also tracks as to how hard the vehicle has been driven.
  • Select the right oil: There are different types of motor oil available in the market. You should use one that is recommended strongly by your auto manufacturer. Most new car models will have motor oil weight printed clearly on the cap to add oil. Check the owner’s manual at the maintenance section page.

Following the above will ensure your car stays new, is fully functional and operates smoothly for a long time.