Steps To Bullet-Proof a Car


If you are here; we assume you are going through a time of receiving death threats. As we all know travel is a brimming opportunity for threateners to launch an attack. Bullet-proofing vehicles was traditionally limited to the military and high-risk individuals. However, today, risk is everywhere. Even celebrities, politicians or other popular people are at a constant risk. 

Therefore, bullet-proofing the vehicle is a necessary step to ensure your safety. Here we shall talk about the steps to rightly bulletproof your car-

1] Doors, body and interior

First comes first; all the existing components of car’s body like interior trim, wiring, carpet, seats, etc are detached and the doors and cavities are slit open. The armoring material, which is determined by the clients’ requirements; is stuffed and welded into the voids. Steel plates, a combination of ballistic nylon and Kevlar are bolstered upon the doors depending on the protection needs. It is designed in such a way that the floor and ceiling are generally lined with ballistic fabrics and stock bumpers crumple and absorb energy during major impacts. 

2] Windows 

Windows are the common place of attack. When bullet-proofing a car, polycarbonate (a type of plastic) and leaded glass are blended to form the unbreakable glass; the “Transparent Armor”. The thickness of the glass can be changed depending on the risk the client is being exposed to. The thickness ranges from 0.8 inch to 2.0 inches.

3] Tires

When faced by a bullet attack; it is essential that your car remains in motion. Conventional tires do not possess the capability to stand up to gunfire since bullets could shred the stiff sidewalls these tires rely on for functioning. When bullet-proofing vehicles, the tires are custom-made to provide support if the pneumatic tire loses pressure; For this, a polymer ring is employed. 

Apart from this; engines are worked upon too. You can either bulletproof your existing car or buy a superior quality bulletproof car. All the above-mentioned tasks are easily carried out by firms experienced in armoring. Bulletproof windows, reinforced suspension, run-flat tires and a multitude of other bulletproof car parts are available at the firms according to the requirements of the client. 

Troy Armoring bulletproof vehicles have the potential to keep you safe from the fiercest attack. A bullet can’t bounce off your vehicle; but your vehicle can definitely absorb gunfire and keep you safe!