What Do You Need To Know About Car Tire Safety And Maintenance


A car is an asset, but its maintenance can often come to you as a headache. This is where you need to keep in touch with the Beverly Hills auto repair guys who would assist you in doing this job. They will inspect your car from time to time and eliminate the loopholes immediately. It is only because we keep the problems unattended and ignored for a long period of time that it becomes huge enough for us to fix them all over again. However, if we look at them just when they appear, they might end up saving us a lot of time and effort and, of course, the money spent on hefty repairs.

A car’s tires are the most integral parts of the system, which are responsible for its safety, handling, braking, and even riding. In order to ensure that the vehicle is running optimally, you must ensure that the tires have the right amount of air pressure, tread depth, alignment, and appropriate balance, all at the same time. Performing a tire inspection at least once a month will help you assess the longevity of the tire and fix the problems at the earliest. More specifically, if you are one of those who have got to travel across long distances almost on a regular basis or are residing somewhere in a cold place, you might need to conduct even more frequent tire assessments. Also, if you are going on a lengthy trip, it is usually recommended to examine your tires, so that you do not end up getting into bigger trouble later on.

Tire wear – Signs to note!

Frequent blowouts and flat tires are the common signs observed. You might also end up seeing that your tires have worn out prematurely. However, it is essential to understand that your tires aren’t always the issue for this problem. It can even happen due to a lot of other reasons as well. Damaged suspension parts and poor wheel alignment may lead to such complications, which would eventually lead to lower tire performance and quicker wear and tear too!

The signs to identify “tire wear and tear” include:


In case the air pressure is too little, it may cause the outer edges of the tire to come in direct contact with the road. This will eventually increase its chance to wear and tear. This also symbolizes that the damage will be greater at the edges rather than on the central tread.


While under-inflation is a serious problem, over-inflation is a big problem too! If you give excess air pressure to the tire, it means that the middle portion of it will have more contact with the road. This will make the central tread subjected to more frequent wear and tear as compared to that of its edges.

Cupping or inconsistent tread wear

This is another sign to identify that it is time for you to replace your suspension components of shock absorbers. Poor wheel balance is certainly the result of this issue.

A single edge subjected to tread wear

This clearly signifies that your wheels are misaligned, and only then you can get into this kind of trouble.

Raised sidewall

This will clearly define a separation between the tire carcass belts.

Unusual thumping noises

If you hear such kind of unusual thumping noises or sense vibrations from your car while you are driving it, you should immediately call for an inspection without any delay. The chances are that you could probably be dealing with a tire that has lost its balance, or maybe the tire tread had a flat section.

Experiencing a pull from a certain side

In case you are experiencing a pull from a particular side while you are driving the car at a steady speed, it could be due to the fact that the side had underinflated or damaged tires by some chance. It can even be due to brake issues or problems related to some sort of misalignment.

Tire maintenance tips

Tire maintenance requires expertise along with knowledge about specific tools, and this should always be conducted by Auto Body Los Angeles professionals. Here are a few tips to note:

Tire rotation

Since the rear and front tires of a vehicle function at identical loads, they have distinct braking and steering functions as well. As a result, the wear and tear proportionality will always remain unequal. You should be rotating the car tires at an interval so as to maximize the tire life and performance. In usual scenarios, a tire rotation should be performed after your car has traveled approximately 6000 to 7000 miles.

Tire balancing during puncture repairs

You usually tend to remove your tires from the wheels when you are calling for a puncture repair. Remember that the Beverly Hills auto body technicians will ensure that you have got balanced tires, all set back even after you had to face damage or wear and tear.