Difference In Auto-Shipping Prices In The Capital City and Other Metro Cities of Iowa


When we talk about Iowa, we immediately think of cornfields and 31st President, Herbert Hoover. Apart from him, 2 more famous personalities have their birthplace in this state. John Wayne, the actor who has won the Oscar award, and Andy Williams.

The major shipping point in Iowa is its capital city, Des Moines. Ship A Car, Inc. helps many immigrants to the state and those relocating to other places in the USA with their vehicle shipping services. They provide pickup from all major locations in the state including Iowa City, Davenport, Sioux City, Dubuque, Ames, Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, and Council Buffs.

Driving past the state, you are more likely to find small towns, several farms, and expansive cornfields. The state is bounded on its west by Sioux and Missouri rivers and its east by the Mississippi River. Thus, most vehicle shippers who are taking the interstate routes have to bridge that runs over these rivers at some point during their travel.

The state is beautifully interlinked with:

  • Minnesota State at its northern border.
  • At its eastern border lies the state of Illinois and Wisconsin.
  • In the south, it is connected to Missouri.
  • Lastly, it shares the western border with South Dakota and Nebraska.

Being the largest corn-producing state in the USA, there is a lot of demand for commercial vehicles for transportation of their products throughout the United States. 4 interstate highways are installed with speed cameras which is a source of revenue generation for the state.

Iowa state fair also brings a lot of participants from all across the country to enjoy the farm heritage, music, home-style food, and rides like none other.

Factors affecting shipping price in Iowa

Delivery location:

  • The price of the shipment in the state depends upon your location.
  • If the shipment needs to be delivered to the capital city, the prices will be much cheaper.
  • This is because it is easily accessible through the east-west interstate highway.
  • However, other areas and metros in the state are very spaced out.
  • Thus, a lot of extra travel is required for the auto-carrier to deliver their shipments at the doorsteps of their clients.
  • This increases the shipping price by a good margin.

Type of carrier used:

  • As the auto-carrier has to cross bridges over rivers and many interstate highways, weather and road factor can play a major role here.
  • Dust and debris damage risk is high and hence, it is advisable to use an enclosed auto-carrier.
  • This can also increase the total shipment price that the auto companies can demand in this state.

There are many auto-shipment companies in the state as the state is also commercially well connected to the rest of the nation. Iowa also attracts many immigrants every year because the cost of living in the state is very affordable compared to many other major states in the USA.

The use of auto-transport carries can also safeguard the condition of the tires of your car, save the money you will spend on gas, and other damage that your car will be exposed to during long-distance travels. Hence, while the shipping charges can be high, it is still a cost-effective way to get your car delivered.