Change your tyres between seasons


winter tyres

When it comes to doing things to a car that has a big safety impact, like your car, I would always advise to let professionals take care of it at a tyre service station regardless of how minor it might be. The same way that you would let a doctor take care of even small operations on your body without trying to do it yourself. There are several reasons why you should let an expert do it. Not only the fact that they have the correct equipment to do it and any necessary parts in case you would need a replacement. 

When you schedule a tyre change or just drop by your service station, the tyres might already be stored there, in their tyre storage. This is a nice service, as you don’t have to worry about bringing and taking back tyres between the changes. When they store the tyres, they take care that the tyres are stored in a cool and dark environment so that the tyres will not deteriorate at an accelerated speed. They will also make sure that the summer tyres and wintertyres are cleaned from salt and dirt so that they are in good condition for when they are to be used next time. They will inspect the tyres for damages and check the tread depth so that you know if it is soon time to buy a new set of tyres. Finally, they will mark the tyres, so they will know at which position each tyre was before the change, so they will know where to mount them for next season. Since it is recommended to rotate your tyres, they will know to which position to mount the tyre to even out the wear. 

When they change the tyres, they will also check that the tyres that they will put on are balanced. The importance of this is often forgotten and can’t be done if you do the change yourself. If your tyres are not balanced, they will not rotate smoothly and will wobble. You can feel this in your steering wheel when you drive, especially at higher speeds. Your ride will not be smooth, but shaky and your treads will not wear evenly. 

Finally, after checking that the tyres are free from damages and that the tread depth is good, they will also make sure that the tyre pressure is as per specification. You are ready to go once all this is done, knowing that you have well-balanced tyres on your car. So not only will you avoid the hassle, and it will be quicker. You know that experts have done it, so no risk of the tyres falling off. I am sure that paying professionals to do this will pay off in the long run, as your tyres will last longer both from being stored correctly without salt and dirt, they are also checked for uneven wear, and they are properly rotated, so you can drive further with the same tyres. 

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